Should You Create a Wellness Mission Statement?

By Paul Triggs, LMSW

The creation of a mission statement could be a powerful tool to help clarify your goals and set the course of your positive life changes in the right direction. According Merrium-Webster mission statement is defined as “something that states the purpose or goal of a business or organization” (Merrium-Webster, 2019). After reviewing that definition is there any part of it that stands out to you. In my opinion, the most important part of the definition is the presence of a purpose. Take a moment to think about everything you do daily and reflect on how many of those actions whether big or small have a purpose. Spoiler alert it would be safe to say they all have a purpose because having a purpose is not only a desire but a primitive need for survival.

I chose this topic because I have plenty of experience with the creation and implementation of mission statements. In my 13+ years in the military, mission statements have always been the first thing discussed when a new leader assumes command. In the past, I felt this practice to be time consuming and wasteful as there were so many other pressing issues that needed to be addressed. Currently, I must disagree with myself and I could see the need for a mission statement when starting a new mission. Although, a mission statement only consists of a few words or a sentence those words transcend regular language. Consequently, those words provide a purpose, a direction and a reason to make sacrifices that may never see the light of day.

After reflecting on this topic, I created my own mission statement and the process alone has provided me with an enhanced sense of clarity. I challenge you to come up with your own mission statement even if you start with a few words in time this start to evolve. Furthermore, eventually having a mission statement will transform from words to purpose and a purpose into a direction. If you are having a difficult time constructing a mission statement that is completely normal. Feel free to consult with a friend, family and your therapist as we are professionally trained to help clarify your goals and establish your mission. In summary, I have never gone to a battle without an established mission statement to provide me with purpose and direction why should you. If you are interested in battling negative experiences and achieving the tools to live your best life start with a mission statement and execute the mission.

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