Lyme Literate Therapy

 Do You Feel Alone In Your Lyme Recovery?

  • Are you struggling with memory loss or inability to manage day to day tasks?

  • Having trouble gaining control of moods?

  • Suffered from personality changes related to neuropsychiatric Lyme?

  • Have you lost relationships or had to stop working due chronic illness?

  • Maybe you are grieving the life you had before you became sick.

I Completely Understand.

Lyme can be one of the most isolating experiences anyone can go through. The emotional, financial and often spiritual strain this illness takes can seem at times unbearable. 

Struggling to recover from the disabling impact of Lyme can be impacted by changes in personality and emotional instability.  This can be caused by the active infection itself or our response to being so sick.  Either way, it can be completely overwhelming.  It is an experience few understand unless they have experienced it themselves. Possibly you have been to multiple physicians or been diagnosed with multiple illnesses before your Lyme diagnosis. Additionally, you may have had to give up your career or face the idea that you could not participate in your family the way you had in the past. Whatever your unique Lyme story, you do not have to overcome the challenges of recovery alone. 

Lyme Is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease In the Country. 

Awareness of Lyme disease is increasing and that's a good thing.  According to the Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), Lyme diagnosis has increased 25x since 1985. According to the CDC, over 300,000 cases of Lyme are diagnosed yearly.  This is more than breast cancer, colon cancer, hepatitis and HIV.  

Lyme is known as the "master imitator" because it can look like so many different illnesses.  Lyme is a bacterial infection which can take residence in any part of your body including your blood, brain or heart. This combined with the fact that there is NO accurate testing, leads to months to years of misdiagnosis. Along with the physical challenges associated with Lyme, Many underestimate the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those infected.  If Lyme inters the brain and central nervous system, severe neurological and psychiatric illness can occur.  This can include: 

  • Severe Depression

  • Personality Changes

  • Memory Loss

  • Inability to read, write and speak

  • Severe anxiety and panic

  • Rage

  • Depersonalization

  • Hallucination

  • Psychosis

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors

  • Autism-like experiences

  • Blunted Emotions

  • Hearing Loss or sensitivity

  • Distorted perception

  • Dementia-like experiences

A Lyme-Literate Therapist Can Help You Get Back Into Your Life

Lyme Disease can be physically and emotionally draining. This is something I know first-hand. Over the course of two years, I found my own path to recovery from a very disabling experience of neurological Lyme disease and co-infections. I combine over 15 years of clinical psychotherapy and mental health management experience with my own experience of disability. I understand the need for psychological support during and post Lyme experience. Whether you are seeking support for psychiatric symptoms or you are having trouble determining your next best step in the healthcare system, I have the experience, knowledge and referral resources to support you all along the way. Sessions can range from pain management treatment to problem solving with your Lyme-Literate physician.

Our sessions begin with a thorough evaluation and assessment of your current needs. when you work with me, it will become easy to determine next best steps in your healing journey. My goal is to be a compassionate support while you are recovering.

Many clients recovering from Lyme report a feeling as if they have lost their "sense of self".  This can come from the cognitive changes that occurred due to the infection including not being able to complete daily living tasks, getting lost in their own neighborhood or not being able to recognize loved ones. This can also come from changes in their emotional experiences such as becoming rageful for no reason.  In our sessions, we work to find "you" again.  Much like after someone has experienced an intense trauma (and I believe you have), sometimes we need to begin making sense of everything we've been through in order to heal.  

Other clients experience severe anxiety and panic upon returning back into their lives after years of residential treatment, being homebound or experiencing intense social isolation.  If this is your experience, we focus our sessions on feeling safe and connected again. 

Even if you feel you've tried many things to heal, you may be surprised at the benefits weekly therapy sessions can add to your treatment and post Lyme recovery.  Clients often describe sessions as the "missing link" in their care. 

But You May Still Have Questions About Psychotherapy For Lyme-Disease...

I Have Already Spent So Much On Lyme Treatment, I Don't Know If It's Worth It. 

Lyme Disease treatments are often out of pocket and not covered by insurance.  I know these costs can really add up.  I aim to provide affordable psychotherapy treatment and am happy to help you submit your out of network reimbursement benefits.  For those without Out of Network mental health benefits, I offer a sliding scale.  Cost should not be a barrier to treatment and I do my best to assist you in getting the care you can afford. 

Lyme-Literate mental health care can be a deeply transformational experience and can be the strategic, supportive experience you need to make the best decisions about your care as well as have the mindset needed to set you up for success.  

You Can Heal From Lyme and Co-Infections

If you would like to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have regarding therapy, I am available at 347.994.9301.

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