Men’s Mental Health

 Do you often think your emotions are not listened to or taken seriously? As a man, your mental health is often forgotten, especially when you’re expected to always keep it together.

“But shouldn’t I be able to fix my problems on my own?”

I know. Sometimes asking for help makes us seem as if we’re incapable.  However, the truth is, no matter who we are, we all need help every once in a while.

Maybe your relationship isn’t working out.

You’re trying to break through the pattern of abuse you saw in your parents relationship and yet, it just isn’t quite making sense.

Are you a child of divorce? Does a loving, healthy, happy marriage seem as if it is something you just don’t believe exists?


Stop acting like such a girl!

Real men don’t cry

 Man up!

Society has told you to “be a man” when sometimes that means pretending your real life emotions don’t exist and therefore, are not getting solved. It’s often portrayed as if you are “weak” or “feminine” for choosing to seek help. Let's work together to change this and develop a space that will be comfortable for you to focus on your mental health.

Let's work together to find a way to prioritize YOU

When all of these aspects of your life build up day after day, over time it can manifest in different areas. Sometimes you may find yourself getting angry often, or becoming angry at things that well, maybe you shouldn’t be mad at, but are unsure why. This state of anger can become a normal state that eventually, you just live in comfortably... or uncomfortably. It’s possible that some of this anger is even developing into rage.

Often times, these feelings can extend into anxiety and depression. Anxiety can create many negative emotions throughout your day. You might become plagued with racing thoughts, or the feeling that you have no control over what’s to come. Without that control, it soon becomes possible that something bad is going to happen. And then the pressure seeps back in, the reality that it seems to be all your fault if something bad does go wrong, because as a man- you need to be the one to always hold it together.

You are not alone.

The feelings you are experiencing are something that many other men feel as well.  Additionally, expressing these feelings often has judgment from others attached to it, and that is the opposite of the space we want to create with you here.

If you no longer want to be defined by the ways in which society paints the picture of an “ideal man,” then you are in the right place.

We offer many different treatment modalities that will help you live your best life. If you’re still reading, it means you no longer want to be plagued by the distressful feelings you’re currently feeling, and that’s the most important step!

How We Work

Your first session will consist of simply getting to know you. We will spend a little over a half an hour learning about the most important parts of your life that you feel comfortable disclosing. We can talk about your family, your relationship, your job, your medical history, and touch base on all of the aspects that make you, you.

After this, we will set goals and create a plan that will help you reach these goals in the way that you want to succeed. From then on, our weekly sessions will be centered on working together to help make these goals a reality.

We believe in using evidenced based practices in my treatment sessions. It is important to know that the way in which we are working together will actually work to help you live your best life. One of the first tools we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? 

Cognitive behavioral therapy, otherwise known as CBT, is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall mood and functioning. In CBT, we will incorporate many different strategies and ultimately, find the best strategies that work for you. Through CBT, we will work together to problem solve and change certain patterns of thinking or behaving that is presenting as disheartening in your daily life. In turn, this will help change the way you feel each and every day.

Do you feel as though some of these concerns are causing you to struggle in your relationship?

Let’s talk more! We can even discuss the option of couple’s therapy if appropriate. Feeling as though your relationship isn’t working out, or as if you are alone can be an intensely painful, stressful, and even depressing time. Relationship counseling can coincide with your treatment in a positive way.

We can work together to solve this. Let me help you live your best life.