Mindfulness Opportunities for Moms (MOMs™)


Your Facilitator -

Amanda Polster, LMSW

Amanda Polster, LMSW

Are you a new mom looking for support during this eventful transition in your life?

Come join our New MOMs™ Group, specifically designed for pregnant mommies and new moms (babies under 2)!

Parenting is an incredible feat! This transition can be very stressful and taxing, especially for mothers, who naturally experience emotional and physical changes during and after pregnancy. Often times mothers will share feeling emotionally neglected and in search for spaces to share their unique experiences post-pregnancy. When so much attention gets placed on new babies, mothers share feeling stress and even shame for wanting time for themselves or seeking emotional support. 

This 8 week journey with other new moms will:

  • Support the immune systems of you and baby by reducing stress and increasing bonding

  • Increase overall mood and energy levels

  • Improve memory and focus

  • Support a calm household

  • Decrease reactivity

  • Improve decision-making skills

  • Increase parenting skills in difficult situations

No matter what stage of life we are in, we all deserve opportunities to feel emotionally supported and healed! 

MOMs™ is an 8-week mindfulness, self-care group to share stressors during this intimate stage of life. During these 8 weeks, women will learn healthy mindfulness coping strategies to work through normal stressful experiences that come with parenting. New mothers will also have opportunities to share personal stories about the challenges they are facing, and experience validation, affirmation, and normalization through shared narratives. 

Each group is limited to 8 participants in order to provide attention and focus to all members.

To best meet the needs of your busy schedule, we are providing a few dates and times below for this group will meet. Please let us know which date/time works best for you, and we will do our best to accommodate!

Beginning the Week of September 15th, 2019

Monday evenings at 5.30p 

Wednesday evenings at 5.30p

Thursday evenings at 5.30p or 6.30p

Investment - $360 for full 8 week session