Mindfulness for Confident Communication

Everything is created twice. First in the mind and then in reality. - Robin Sharma

Mindfulness can help level the playing field and address the power dynamics we encounter at work.  Are you a looking to feel more calm and confident when working in groups or speaking with your boss? Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help address any fears or anxieties that get in the way of your success. This one hour workshop will help you harness the power of mindfulness to improve communication and feel more confident in every interaction. 

Sample Schedule

Introduction/Overview/Centering Meditation (10 minutes)

Discussion of roots of power dynamics at work. Minimizing & Maximizing Power Visualization Exercise (10 minutes)

Discussion on Neutralizing Overwhelm , Exercise included (10 minutes)

Addressing Our Critics - Brief discussion about criticism and how mindfulness can reduce this internally and in our interactions (10 minutes)

Finishing Meditation (5 minutes)

Q/A (10 minutes)

Investment - $1000