Ruschelle Khanna is a trusted colleague and wonderful therapist. She will always listen to you with openness and care. I highly recommend her.
— Dr Pooja Amy Shah
..Kacie has excellent engagement skills, which are demonstrated in her ability to establish rapport and connection...
— Former Supervisor
“Paul has a very friendly and welcoming engagement style”
— -Former Supervisor
Ruschelle is an outstanding therapist. We refer all of our psychotherapy clients to her and they are consistently pleased.
“Paul has shown a great ability to work with clients from a range of different populations and has displayed cultural sensitivity to each individual he meets with”
— Former Colleague
Kacie is very responsible, attentive to her clients, and reliable. She is the social worker I turn to with assistance in training new staff and implementing policies. She is also the person her peers turn to for guidance when experiencing difficulties with clients and/or workload. She is a motivator who likes to see others succeed.
— Former Supervisor
We refer to Ruschelle because she is very thoughtful and knowledgeable , the best experience with a psychologist.She holds the right space for clients ,I am very appreciated!
— Lotus,Qianqiu Huang
Ruschelle has an impeccable work ethic, is easy to talk to, and is devoted to health and wellness. She is a wise woman and is also a very kind person. Highly recommended.
— Shayla Hilt, LCSW, CASAC